Make your own tour around Turkey!

If you would like your own private holiday in Turkey, we will happily arrange this for you. We can organise any group tour on a private itinerary, with the standard of accommodation you prefer, or our expert team of tailor-made planners can arrange a holiday, bespoke to your requirements. You can select your preferred style of accommodation and visit only the destinations and sites that you particularly want to see. If you wish to visit destinations we have not featured on the website, this can also be arranged – just contact our expert team for details!

  • Saklikent Jeep Tour
  • Gömbe Jeep Tour
  • Kekova Boat Trip
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Diving
  • Lycian Way Trekking
  • Paragliding
  • Biking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Quad Bike Tour

Delikkemer To Patara Lycian Way
You will be amazed when you see the Delikkemer. After a short break for pictures, we will pass over the Roman aqueduct.
For lunch, we will stop near the old well and under the pine trees. From here we will continue walking along the Lycian way and end at the ancient city of Patara. We will then head back to the hotel in Kaş by bus. (Trekking time 4 hours)

Kaş (Antiphellos)-Limanağzı 
We will transfer to our starting point. We’ll follow the way which is along the coast. This part of the Lycian way has the most magnificent view of turquoise water and ancient rock tombs. Then we will begin to hike up and arrive to Limanağzı. Lunch is at a restaurant at Limanağzı. Our day finishes as we come back to Kaş by boat.

Hacıoğlan – Phellos
we’ll transfer you to Hacıoğlan Village. We’ll walk through the forest to Phellos antic city. On the way to Phellos we’ll be around 1300m high and we will see lots of endemic trees and wild horses on high plateaus. (Trekking time 5 hours)

Sahilkılınçlı – Aperlai 
First destination will be Sunken City of Aperlai. When you see the sunken ruins and have the chance to swim over sunken ruins, you’ll never forget us and the land of the light “Lycia.” At the end of the trekking we will get on the boat and arrive at Üçağız village in Kekova. (Trekking time 3 hours.)

Regional Cappadocia Tour
Meet at our Office or pick you up hotel. Transfer to; Çavuşin, visit monastery and St Baptist Church, famous with it’s unique wallpainting Salome’s dance. Pasabag, famous with it’s multi headed fairy chimneys, where has been the jail of St. Simeon who raged against the monastery life rules of Cappadocia. Zelve Open Air Museum, where villagers lived until 1967. Has three valleys with cave houses and churches, which gives the chance to see the change at monastery life from primitive to modern. Explore caves via tunnels, pass through the trans valley tunnel of Zelve. Avanos, the second biggest town of Cappadocia, where the longest river of Turkey passes through, Kızılırmak (Red River or with its ancient name ‘Halys’). Have lunch in a local family restaurant. Avanos is famous with pottery art, which is in fact the cultural heritage from Hittites to Cappadocia.

Hidden Churches of Cappadocia
This tour offers you the chance to explore the hidden beauties of Cappadocia. Climb out of town from the Middle Earth Office at 08.30 and pass over the Rock Top Cliff, down to El-Nazar Church, then again up another cliff to the Hidden Church. Until recently, it was impossible to reach this well-hidden church, but newly-built stairs give us access. After walking in the secret valley behind the Goreme open air museum, according to the season, we will enjoy the taste the fresh fruits on the trees, typically walnut, mulberry, cherry, apple, pear, quince, bitter almond, grapes and plums.

After this delicious break, we reach the Mirror Church, known for its symmetric rooms, and descend to the hidden crypt, before a cup of apple tea in the garden of the church. From here, we walk to Ortahisar, climb up to the castle and then have lunch (4 hrs including breaks). After lunch, we walk 3 kms on tarmac to reach the Kizilcukur valley and visit the Grape Church and the winery. We walk down to Cavusin via long tunnels cut through solid rock, and the walk ends in Cavusin. Transfer to Goreme

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Cappadocia, with its fantastic landscape and favorable weather conditions, is one of the most interesting places for hot air ballooning, according to many balloon pilots. There are several companies offering balloon rides. Our choice and recommendation as Middle Earth is, Cappadocia Balloons. The flights are very early in the morning so they are easy to fit into an itinerary.

Soğanlı Valey-Kaymaklı(underground city)
We explore the less known part of Cappadocia; Soğanlı valley. On the way to Soğanlı we visit the town Mustafapaşa known as Sinasos before the population exchange between Turkey and Greece at 1924. You will feel like in the past when wondering in the streets of the town. The scenery of Soğanlı is a combination of traditional village life and old Christian monasteries. The wall paintings in Soganlı Churches are unique in the area. Lunch in a restored old house. Afternoon program is Kaymaklı underground city. The amazing underground city was made by carving into solid rock into the ground. It consists of 5 levels. The deepest level is 30 meters under the ground. It is one of the wonders of Cappadocia and largest in the other forty of them.

We have a long day today. First visit to Illiad’s city to Troy. Excavations in the city started with Heinrich Schliemann in the 19. century and going on more than a century. Its discovery brought great interest to the science of ‘archeology’. You will feel like Troian King Priam watching the Achaean navy from his palace, when you are walking around the site. On the way to Pergamon we will visit an interesting place : Local Olive Oil Museum. Pergamon is one of the most important archeological treasures of Turkey and it was the capital of Asia Minor before Ephesus in the Roman period. Breathtaking view of the site with impressive ancient ruins will take you to the past.

Şirince.. Ephesus is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world. In ancient times, its convenient location at the mouth of the Cayster River made it the foremost commercial city of a coastal region, but the silting up of its harbor gradually resulted in the loss of this importance. Ancient site is being excavated for more than one hundred years. Some of the stunning ruins are Temple of Hadrian, Celsus Library, Terrace Houses, Theater. We visit St John Basilica, and Temple of Artemis which was one of the seven wonders of ancient world, then head to Şirince village is also famous for home-made wines. After Ephesus we visit an important Christian site, the house of Mother Mary. It is known with certainty that Virgin Mary has been to Ephesus and lived there for some time. Whether or not she died in Ephesus is not certain. The house which is 10 km away from Ephesus is visited by millions of Christians as a sacred place today.

We head on to Pamukkale travertines and ancient site Hierapolis. Site was an important settlement by the hot springs in the Roman period. The cotton looking travertines are formed by the hot calciumed water for thousand of years and one of the wonders of nature in Anatolia. Pool which is known as Cleopatra pool with hot springs has ancient remains in it and unique in the world. After that we leave from Pamukkale ,along the high plateu passing tobacco fields and flat plains, imposing site Aphrodisias will welcome us. The ancient city of Aphrodisias is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Greek and Roman periods in Turkey. Aphrodisias lies in the Maeander River basin, in a fertile valley 100 miles southeast of the port of Izmir. Famous for its sanctuary of Aphrodite, the city’s patron goddess, Aphrodisias enjoyed a long and prosperous existence from the first century B.C. through the sixth century A.D. The ancient stadium of Aphrodisias is the largest and most standing one in Anatolia from the Romans.

If you want to explore İstanbul, we can help you to discover Istanbul, which was declared as ’New Rome’ by Constantine, its founder. We start our tour with Sultanahmet Square, Visit ancient Byzantine Hippodrome, the important monuments of the Hippodrome are; Egyptian Obelisk dating back to 16th century B.C., Serpentine Column from 5th century B.C., and the Stone Obelisk erected in 10th century A.D. Sultanahmet Square which is surrounded by Blue Mosque famous for its six minarets and beautiful İznik tiles as interior decoration, Topkapı Palace was once the residence of the Ottoman Sultans located on a hilltop dominating Boshporus and Golden Horn. Today it’s used as a museum where precious displays such as Porcelains, Crystals, Sultan’s costumes, Books, Portraits, and Diamonds can be seen.

Hagia Sophia, glory of the Byzantine Empire, built in the 6th century and houses magnificent gold-leafed mosaics. The Church was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in the 15th century and than into a museum after the Republic. After walk around the streets of Istanbul get to Grand Bazaar the biggest covered bazaar in the world. Spice Bazaar to smell and buy hundreds of lively coloured spices; you can also explore small street markets around it. Then take a ferry to start your cruise on the Bosphorus Strait, while sailing along the European and Asian shores enjoy viewing Ottoman Palaces, Fortresses, Ottoman wooden houses, Suspension bridges, and fishermen. After this lovely cruise get to Sariyer district on the edge of Black Sea.